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comment here to be added ~
don't add me if we have nothing in common :P
& no dead journalssssss

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Friends? ♥


Yes Friends ♥

Hi I like your username and your other fic [if you have].Add me pls?

haha, sure!
i only write fic, every now & again though.

i like your fics ! and username ^^ . go kyumin !
friends ? ^^

thank you!
suuuure 8D♥

hi!nice to know you!im a YS fan also!

oh! young saeng is ♥

friends? :D

friends!!! sure! nice to meet you!

(Deleted comment)
tyvm for writing them~
:D ♥♥

:D teehee, i've realized~ you're such a fantastic reader... yet... i don't have you added as my friend~!(*gasp* how can this be?)

well, ahem *clears throat*
Friends? o(^^)o

O:! I cant believe i havent added you either!

Of courseeeeeeeeee ♥♥

hi :]
i like your username and bias, cause kyumin is love :D

bias is always ♥ especially kyumin!

of course :DD

added me again? ;___;
i'm ohnew previously. ♥

Because you like Hankyu and i'm biased towards anything with Hankyung in it. x)
And just cause Kyumin is awesome. ♥
*Looks at you hopefully*

heh, be warned though~
im heavily kyuhyun bias ♥ LOL

of course 8D/

It's alright, no harm in that. B)
Cause i'm heavily Hankyung bias, i know how it feels.

just as bad as eachother ♥ LOL

sorry I'm not here to add you ^^;
it's just that I cant contact you via lj msg (since you use some privacy setting)

ok here's the thing, I'm one of the mods at kpop20in20
I just wanna tell you that one your icons of Artist's Choice is missing
I tried reloading my page like a zillion time but it still didnt show ^^;
/it was the #3 icon

unfortunately I still had to go and put up the voting
/I'm so so so sorry for that but we're alr behind our schedule so I hope you understand
thus I put one of your variations icon as a replacement of your missing icon

do reply me with the link of the missing icon if you still wanna put it up for the voting
but if not we're gonna go with one of your variations icon

again,I'm so sorry and hoping that you'd understand :)

sure, thats fine :)
i hope this is the icon your talking about? :

& thank you for telling me :D

oh no it's not the icon that I was talking about..
the icon you showed me was the #4
the missing one is the #3.. :)

ah dont worry about it!
the one you picked is fine :)

rofl hiii~♥! this is panalangins' secret!journal, haha. can i add you here? And I spot MinJoon! ♥ haha.

hello~~ of course! ♥ minjoon is win :D

Hope we can be a certified Triple S myself

Of course ♥ Adding you back ^___^

Hope we can be friends, i´m a huge fan of SS501 ^^

of course! added back ♥

(Deleted comment)
hi bb~~~ it's @kanimal n_____n

heeeeeeeeeeeey! adding you on here ♥!

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